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Woman Kills and Dismembers Ex-Boyfriend

Earlier this week, a woman was arrested after she was found wheeling a trash can containing body parts down an Ontario Street. On August 29 the woman, Carmen Montenegro was convicted of first-degree murder just after three days of deliberation. The suspect is about 54 years old and the jurors decided that back in 2011 Montenegro stabbed to death and dismembered former boyfriend Samuel Wiggins Jr., who was her ex-boyfriend. There were several witnesses that stated that they saw the suspect with the container full of body parts on the avenue of Holmes. Investigators found some body parts near the house that was located in the city of Bell Gardens. According to authorities, the woman and her son spread the body parts to different houses of relatives in order to hide the fact that she had killed her ex-boyfriend. Two of her children were initially arrested because authorities believed that they helped their mom hide all of the evidence and to help her bury the body parts in different houses. Blog by Bail Bonds Bell Gardens Stars.


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