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Domestic Dispute leads to standoff

Earlier this month, Bell Gardens Police were called to a domestic dispute in an apartment building right in the heart of the city. The domestic dispute involved a man and his wife and began when they were discussing their financial situation and an eviction notice that they received that day. Neighbors called the police and reported that they heard the couple fighting and breaking things in their apartment. When authorities arrived at the scene the man panicked and took his wife hostage saying that there was not point for them to live anymore. The man used a knife from the kitchen and held it to his wife's neck and told police to stay away After some negotiation, the police were able to convince the man to put down the knife and to surrender to police. The man's wife only suffered minor scratches and bruises from the whole ordeal and the man did not suffer any injuries. He is still awaiting trial, which is scheduled for later this month.

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