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Bell Gardens Bail Bonds FAQs :


What is a Bail Bond?

a bond that is used to release someone from jail. You may purchase the bail bond from a licensed bail agent. The bond is used as a promise that this person will show up to all scheduled court dates until the end of the case of which he was arrested for. If the bond is forfeited, the issuing bail agency will be responsible for either bringing the defendant back to court or paying the full bail amount.


How much does a bail bond cost?

The premium for a bail bond is different from one state to another, in California, the state mandated premium is 10% of the bail amount. For example, it will cost $2,000 to acquire a $20,000 bond. Bail agencies may not charge less than 10% and they also may not add any undocumented fees or charges. Our bail agency provides payment options for clients who cannot pay the full premium at the time of the transaction.


What is Collateral?

Some bail agencies may require collateral to approve a bond, collateral is used to guarantee that the defendant will show up to each and every court date until the end of the case. Collateral may be in the form of cash, real estate, jewelry, furniture or any asset of value. Collateral will be returned to depositor upon case closing.


How is a bail amount set, and who sets it?


The bail amount is set by the jailer after receiving the arrest charges from the arresting officer. The bail schedule is determined by judges in every county, which means people who get arrested for the same charges in different county may have different bail amount. If the defendant has priors, the bail amount may increase by judge's discretion.


What is accepted for payment for a bond, and who may pay for it?

Here, at Sunrise Bail Bonds Bell Gardens, we accept cash, all major credit cards, checks and money orders. Anyone may pay for a bond, even if there is not a relation to the arrestee, but when using a credit card, a written consent will be required. If the cost of the bond is not available in full, we can arrange for a payment plan that suites your financial situation.


How do I know my bail agent is trust worthy?

There are many people who act as bail agents for purposes of scams and false soliciting. To make sure you are in safe hands and to avoid scams, you should ask for your agent's first and last names and license number then verify the information using the Department of Insurance website. Also ask your bail agent to show you his state issued bail agent license at the time you see him.

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