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City of Bell Gardens, CA

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The beautiful city of Bell Gardens is located in the Los Angeles County of Southern California and is bordered by the City of Commerce, Downey, South Gate and Bell. According to the 2010 census, the city of Bell Gardens has a population of about 44,000 with the majority of the population being white. The beautiful city offers its community a lot of amazing scenic parks, emerald green soccer fields, childcare centers, a sparkling lake that is abundant with fish and waterfowl. There is also a beautiful golf course located in the center of the city that is very popular among golfers. There are also many lounges and bars for people to enjoy the day and night in the city, but this fact has put the local police force to be on edge trying to keep the residents as safe as possible. The police make certain that their presence is shown throughout the city by driving through the streets of the city constantly. The police also have a zero tolerance for any lawbreakers which include driving under the influence. This is why they set up random checkpoints throughout the city every weekend to ensure that no one is driving illegally. Therefore, this city is a great place to live or to visit for the day.

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