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Bell Gardens Police Department, CA

The Bell Gardens Police Department is in charge of keeping the beautiful city of Bell Gardens and has done so for many years. The police department is in charge of keeping about 42,000 residensts safe from harm. The demand that the officedrs face trying to take care of that many people. In order for the police department to do it's job, all of the officers and everybody in the department must work together with the community to keep it as safe as possible.


Every officer must first complete the Police Academy which ensures that he or she is properly trained and has full knowledge of all of the laws of the state of california. When the officer arrives at the police department, he or she will undergo some further training to make sure that he or she could handle any situation that they may encounter while out on the field. This means that every officer in the department are some of the highest trained officers in the area.


All of the officers in the department also make sure that they are involved in their individual communities in order to build a good relationship between the community and the police department. If the police department and the community work together, then the city will become a much safer place. The Bell Gardens police department is made up of several sections that all have to work together with the community in order for it to be effective. The police department has about 100 sworn officers and 53 civilian employees. They also have a civilian volunteer section, which is for any of the residents of the city who want to be more involved in the police department and witness first hand what the department is doing to make the city a safer place to live.

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